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This virtual camp portal is free of charge for all users. It is a place to connect with camp friends as we learn and grow in our faith through our curriculum, "This is Our Prayer". Come back often to explore new content that will be added throughout the summer. Watch for real-time Zoom events coming soon too!

Virginia Disciples United Together

Camp activities and lessons for anyone to explore and enjoy throughout the summer!

CAMPDD (Culinary, Art, Music, Photography, Dance, Drama)

July 20-25, 2020 for completed 3rd graders - completed 12th

Triple Camp

July 26-30, 2020 for juniors (completed 3-5 grades), middle-schoolers (completed 6-8 grades), and high-schoolers (completed 9-12 grades)

New Covenant

August 2-7, 2020 for completed Kindergarten - 5th grades

Family Retreat

August 7-9, 2020 for all ages